Friday, October 29, 2010

Art in Woodstock Festival

I spent a day in Woodstock on Thursday manning 'The Art Wall'. A great idea 'The Wall' was sponsored by several companies and constructed by a local building company. Children of all ages were given the choice of paints or felt pens and left to show their artistic talents on the wall.

The whole festival is run by a committee who organise the advertising, venues, handling of the art works and the invigilating duties of the artists. This year there were 60 artists in shops, galleries and hotels within Woodstock. I was exhibiting three of my paintings in the 'Real Wood Company' shop.

It is an ideal location as many visitors are in the town to visit Blenheim Palace, so the footfall is good as is the timing since it is half term and many people welcome it as a day out with their children. Perhaps next year some other members of SAF will apply although it is quite a distance to transport work. Maureen Toomey

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